Fyris Kammarkör

Uppsala, Sweden

Under ledning av Nils Pålbrant

About Fyris Chamber Choir (Kammarkör)

Fyris Chamber Choir is an independent mixed choir from Uppsala, Sweden. The choir has a broad repertoire and sings everything from Swedish choral settings, folk music and jazz to classic sacred works.

Fyris Chamber Choir has around 35 members with long musical experiences from different Swedish choirs, like Orphei Drängar, Allmänna Sången and Uppsala University Chamber Choir.

The choir was founded in 1989 by Eva Sverredal. Since 1998 Nils Pålbrant is the conductor and artistic leader of the choir.

The choir performs regularly in traditional choir concerts, like at Christmas in the church of Vindhem and in Dalby, but has also been a part of some major choir works as in the celebration of Linné (2007) at the first performance of “Cantus Adoratorum”, by Jan Sandström. Other examples of major works that Fyris Chamber Choir has been a part of are: “Förklädd Gud”, by Lars-Erik Larsson, ”Messiah” by Sven-David Sandström and ”Requiem” by Verdi.

Fyris Chamber Choir has been on a number of tours over the years, in Sweden as well as abroad. In 2016 the chior were in Krakow, Poland.

The choir rehearses once a week, mondays, at the church of Vindhem.


For Contact with Fyris Chamber Choir please mail: info@fyriskammarkor.se